don (richyrich909) wrote,

it's been a while.....

well, due to popular demand...i'm back. i'm house sitting in redlands right now, and whenever that happens, i always seem to think a lot. i've been kinda down lately, but i always remember, there are plenty of other people out there who are worse off than me, so yeah, i'll be fine. well, hmmm, what's new?... well, paris and i are now officially history. we parted ways on friday due to, well, growing apart, me needing something and him not really taking the measures to provide it. we were just at two places in life i guess. i hope he does well, and i will miss him, but i dunno, i guess that's just how the cookie crumbles. i want a guy, no, i want a man. i don't want a boyfriend, i want a someone who isn't into games and just is a decent person. oh well, a boy can um....i had a lot of fun on friday, before that. my best friend at work, elaine, and i went to get manicures after work. actually i got one, she got her nails done. then we went to the mexico to eat. it was soooooo damn good!!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. see, i need more times like that, just nice, carefree, and fun. no drama. i think i like hanging out with my girl friends more than the boys, with the exception of kyle and marcus, my right hand i'm just thinking a lot right now, and yeah, it's weird, but as always i'll bounce back and be my happy goofy well i miss you all, and i'll update later. muah!!!

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