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i hate the i.e.

yeah, it's me again. and yes, again i'm bitching about how life is soooo unfair to me. anyways, i've come to the decision that i hate living in the inland empire. i love my apartment, the land itself has done nothing to me, but i'm just tired of all these fucking idiotic, closed minded people that surround me. i'm tired of not being thought of as attractive because i didn't step out of an abercrombie ad. i'm also tired of seeing my friends get hit on time after time and have me just sitting there like, " um ok....does anyone wanna talk to me?" i dunno, i'm just in a funk i guess. i guess i can't really say it's because i'm black because my friends are too. so i guess that just leaves me to think that i'm just ugly. it sucks, it's sad, but i guess i can accept the fact. maybe i need to just move to somewhere where someone will actually be attracted to me, cos obviously socal is a bit too plastic for me, and i'm just not plastic enough. anyways, that's it, i'm finished with my bitching. i'm out till later.

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