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what happened next, guess what? you don't wanna know.....

oh lordy, what a week this has been. i have been partying, getting no sleep, and working like crazy. all that is not a good combination for my body. in fact, my body has kinda been rebelling against i've been pushing it to work on as little as 2 hours of sleep, and then work 8 hours the next it's like it's been saying, "hey fucker!! i need to relax, so i'm gonna shut down so you can't do anything" hehe, so shut down it did. i slept a bunch yesterday, even though i went out, more on that later. but i slept a bunch today and am preparing to sleep some more. anyways, i have adopted a new friend!!! marcus. marcus is freakin' great!!! he's black, like me, he likes to dance, like me, and he also likes to clown on random people in public settings....just like me!!!! we've been going to the club a bunch and it's just been fun. i've been hanging out with kyle a lot too, so yeah ,it's been a really fun and healthy experience to say the least. even though i was kinda down the other day. kyle, marcus and i went to denny's after the club. i don't know what it is, but i just cant' get hit on at that place, i don't get it. kyle gets hit on, marcus gets hit on, and i'm just standing there. kyle says it's cos i give people evil looks, i dont' think i do, but i have been told i'm intimidating, and unapproachable. oh well, life goes on i guess. i just have to keep repeating , "you're not ugly, you're just not these guys' type, there's nothing wrong with you". see, i feel better anywho, i hung out with this guy from palm springs last night. totally cute guy, and he's white, now you know he has to be cute if i'm feeling a white ok, hold up that came out wrong, i have nothing against dating white guys, it's just that that's all i used to date, so i've been giving them a rest lately, i think i got burned out at an early anyways, we went to hunters, which is this club in palm springs, and hung out there, had some drinks, whatever. then went back to his place, and well....hmmm, i don't kiss and but nothing serious happened. i had fun though, and he wants to go to the movies sometime. he's a pro golfer, not exactly anything i know about , but oh well, he's cool. i've been missing jason, amber and mom lately a lot!!! and my mom called me today and that made me miss her too!!! i'm still contemplating going to florida. it's just weird, like i'm making a bunch of new friends here, but i'm missing the florida bunch, who knows? i just don't , i'll figure it out though, everything happens for a reason. and omg, i've been having sooo much fun by not shopping and mix and matching the clothes i already own into new ensembles!!!! i know, i'm such a freakin' prissy bitch, but ya know what? that's just me, live it, learn it, love anyways guys, i'm out now, i need some rest. and gearing up for another fun week in the life of yours

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