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one more time......

well, it's saturday and i'm here, lounging around the house. this week has been, well, tireing. my legs are sore from walking an hour just to catch the bus, and i'm just tired. i was supposed to take my car to the mechanics today, but they were too busy to fit me in. i was also supposed to go to wango tango with monica today, but that bitch didn't even bother to call me and tell me we weren't going, or she wasn't going or anything. i called her like 6 times yesterday and never heard anything, i hate flaky people, ugh. anyways, besides all that, life's been cool. i can't really complain, i have my health, i have my house, i have everything i need besides a car, so yeah. i went to go see "mean girls" last night with rachel and teresa and spent the night. the movie was sooooo good!!! it was like actual high school, not like those movies where the characters are just a cheesy exaggeration of high schoolers. these girls were pretty much right on the money. i've been talking to paris non-stop the last couple of days!!!! he's such a great guy and he makes me happy!!!! i'm hoping to somehow get my car fixed if at all possible. i'm gonna take it to the mechanics to find out exactly what's going on with it, and then hopefully catching my father on a day he has off so he can fix it. freakin' pizza guy, where the fuck are you?!!! anyways, oh, there he is...hold up...ok, i'm happy now, i have pizza, cheese bread, and soda. not only that, but hte cute lil boy i used to go to high school with was the delivery guy. soooo cute...anyways, yeah, he just said he's seen me at the hospital a few times. i'm thinking, what the fuck, i work in redladns, are you gay and stalking me? hehe. jk...kinda. well, i'm missing jason and amber, and mom right now. omg, last night i was seriously thinking, "hey what if i were to move to florida?" then i was like, *smack*!!! no, you're not. you're staying right i'm freakin' not wanting to go to work on monday, but oh well, ya do what you have to do. omg , ok so this morning i was watching E! news weekend. well that one weird chick who hosts it with the black guy was on there. her head is waaaaay too big for her head!!! and her hair's all flat and weird looking against her humungous head. i really don't like her. and ted cassablanca, uh uh. he's what, like mid 40's? why is he dressing like me? he could have a son, or adopted one, my age and they could share clothes, it looks ridiculous. for some reason some women can wear young clothes and look cute in them, but old gay men? it just doesn't have the same effect. he is very attractive though, but anyways. and who is the black guy on there? i find him sexy for some reason....hmmm. and why the fuck am i talking about E! news weekend?!! oh lordy don, you need some food and i'm out for now. luv y'all , i'll check in later.

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