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ugh, freakin' a!!!!

ok, so today was ok. work was pretty good, it made me laugh, eleazar's being a dumbass and there's gonna probably be an argument tomorrow, oh well. anyways, today i went up to joshua tree for a couple of hours for karaoke and yeah, it was fun. i got to see my good friend amy!!!! she kicks soooo much ass!!! she had her lil niece who's only like a few months old there, she was so fucking adorable, and liked all the gay guys there. jacob was there, the guy i dated for like , i dunno, 2 weeks a few months back. we were civil, we are still acquaintances, so yeah, it's nice to have a cool psuedo ex that doesn't want to fuck me, or hate my so yeah, i call paris from the beatnik , and he seemed a little upset. so i'm thinking, oh lordy, he's getting mad cos i'm here. he tells me to call him back when i get home. so yeah, i get home, and i call him. and he's all upset cos i didn't call beforehand to let him know that i was going. it was just kinda spontaneous actually, i didn't plan on going anywhere tonight. so yeah, then he gets another phone call, and i'm on hold for like 5 minutes, then he comes back and is all.......i'll just call you back. i know he probably won't call me back tonight, and i'll hear from him tomorrow. i dunno, that just kinda pissed me off a little bit. it's like, what did i do? i didn't cheat on you, i didn't go to a club and hook up with someone. i went to freakin' karaoke in joshua , population 3. hopefully he's calmed down by tomorrow. i dunno, i'm sure things will be fine, it's just irritating how he seems to compare me to his ex's that have fucked him over. i've had those too, but i'm like, people are different. i completely understand him, but he's gotta stop comparing me to his ex's, i'm not them. i'm not hooking up, cheating on him, or lying to him in any way, shape, or form, so there's no need to feel that way. even though i know he has no way of proving if i am or not. i dunno, hopefully he'll learn to trust me and just stop making me seem like his ex, and treat me like the guy that he wants to eventually become his boyfriend. anyways, i'm going to bed, i know he's not going to call.

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