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what a beautiful weekend....

well, all weekend i've been just lounging around and forgetting what day of the week it is. i was off yesterday so i keep thinking that yesterday was saturday and today is sunday. i have to work tomorrow so it'll actually be like a 2 day weekend but yeah. how freakin' cute is my background pic. i loooooove craig david, so yeah it fits very very well, especially since this is the only pic of him shirtless.....(tries to adjust excitement) lol. anywho, this has been really relaxing the past 2 days and have just been dicking around my house and yeah, that's about it. i've also been talking to paris non-stop, which is a good thing. he's coming down next weekend to visit me.....(tries to hide excitement) lol. i went grocery shopping yesterday and ugh, i can't stand people. if you're in my way at the store, move your ass so i can get through to the frozen food section!!!!! and their fucking kids, ugh, keep them on leashes or leave them in their cages. i am still waiting for my "too cute 4 U" cell phone, but it looks like it'll be monday when i get it. i think i might head up to joshua tree next week for karaoke, yeah, that seems fun. and omg, i bought a shirt at hollister co. the other day, and it actually doesn't look good on me!!!! now hold up y'all, i'm not being conceited, it's just that if you really know me personally, you know that hollister co. and club monaco are the two places where i can buy ANYTHING and have it fit right. but yeah, i found a glitch in the fashion matrix with both of them actually recently. well, actually i just needed my 60 bucks back from club monaco, so i returned some but yeah, the shirt doesn't fit, so i'll take it back on monday when i get my phone. i've been doing so well with my finances, yay for me!!!! i'm on the phone with bestest friend jason right now. it's so fun talking to him on the we're talking about his job, he has to STOP CUSSING!!!! that's sick. as much as i cuss at work, i would've been fired a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time ago. four letter words dominate me at work, and elsewhere come to think about it. anyways, i'm gonna go now, i'll talk to you guys later. luv y'

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