April 23rd, 2004

i was shakin' my ass in the streets, i'm wrong and, it don't stop till the early mornin'...

this past week has been so fun. sunday kyle and i went to ozz in buena park, only to realize that it sucked and then went to upland to go to oasis. when we were there the drag show had just finished, so that was a plus from kyle's standpoint...lol. then i see these two drag queens that look all too familiar. i look and i realize that it's jason's friends from the ryan seacrest kylie line, gabriel and joshua. gabriel looked sooooo good in drag, despite what i had heard from some people. so i said hi to them and proceeded to sit down till something came on that i liked. then i see a really familiar face, but a little cuter than i remember. it's my friend johnny!!!!!!! amber, jason and i met him like....2, 3 years ago. and then he went off to the military. then amber and i saw him around a year and a half ago when he came home, but then never heard from him again. so i saw him, said hi in hopes that he'd recognize me, and he did. in fact he chilled with kyle and i until closing, and " shhhhh, kyle thought he was cute, and was totally checking the boy out all night......lol" i will admit that he did look good, he got buffer and just looked all cute, but as always, i have paris on the brain...lol. anywho, yeah it was so fun, the music was really good and kyle seemed to be having a good time so i was pleased. i hate when my friends don't have a good time, but kyle always seems to have a smile on his face!! anyways, yeah, so we're all dancing on the dancefloor and i see this guy ask kyle something. this guy i had seen dancing alongside of me all night and bumping into me and apologizing profusely when he did. it seemed flirty, but i couldn't tell, i mean, it is a cramped dance floor. so yeah, i thought he was hitting on kyle, until he started to dance with me. and by dance i don't mean, "oh we're bouncing to the beat", no, we were slammin', grindin', and droppin' it like it was hott!!! then he flipped me around and had his hands all over me, and i mean ALL over me. i'm kinda a taken man, so i politely steered his hands northbound....lol. then he lifted up my shirt, and was freakin' me like there was no tomorrow. we were dancing so hard that i literally could barely stand up and was holding on to him for leverage. so then came the unexpected. he tried to shove his tongue down my throat. now, he was cute, but like i said, i'm seeing someone. so i didn't oblige, then he picks me up, yeah, picks me up, and he's a good 4-6 inches shorter than me, so i was shocked. he had my legs wrapped around his waist and was fucking bucking me on the dancefloor. i felt like a girls gone wild broad. it was soooooo fun though, that was a first, and the attention was nice. but yeah, i was exhausted so i went to sit down after a good 25 minutes of dancing like that . so yeah, then kyle, johnny and i just chilled, danced some more, and then went home. work was really fun this week. i love working with elaine, she kicks soooo much ass. we just totally connect, and i've got her into southpark now!!!!!! hehe. i was supposed to go to the spa with my friends rachel and teresa, but i couldn't . i couldn't cos last night was my really really good friend from high school's birthday party at oasis. i knew it was gonna be, but i didn't know when. so i called her early this week and told her i would go, and drive if she wanted me to. i loooove josie, she kicks so much ass. we go back to 9th grade and have had a solid friendship ever since. even after me moving away 8 times, it's still like we were in high school. so kyle and i paid, even though we found out that we didn't have to. it was slow at first, the crowd came late. but there was some decent music playing after a while. then it got really good, then it slowed again. dj wes just wasn't on the top of his game like he was on sunday. but nonetheless, we had fun. josie met a girl.....it was soooo cute. i wasn't 100% cos there was something, or rather someone on my mind. the person i'm seeing and i didn't really have a tift so to speak, but he was irritated and just not in a good mood, and i dunno, we clashed a bit. so i'm seeing if he calls today, which i'm almost certain he will. anyways, i'm not going into details about that cos yeah, i don't know if anything bad actually happened, and i doubt he wants his business spread on livejournal, so i'll regress. anyways, i'm here , i have the day off, and oh yeah, i'm getting a new cuter cell phone, as if that was even possible right? hehe. well, it is, i had to search for the right one, then argue for it, but yeah, i'm getting it today, tomorrow, or monday, hopefully today though!!! my phone was tested and they said it was defective, so i get an upgrade!!!!! yay!!!! anyways, that was my week in chunks, the stuff i didn't talk about was still good, and with any luck, next week will be just as fun. next weekend paris and i are supposed to be going to benihana's to have dinner and then catch a movie, so that should be fun, being that i haven't seen that little bitch yet, but we talk 7 times a day, not lying.....lol. i hope he's feeling better today, and he'd better come down next weekend. anyways, i'm letting y'all go. luv ya!!!!!
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what a beautiful weekend....

well, all weekend i've been just lounging around and forgetting what day of the week it is. i was off yesterday so i keep thinking that yesterday was saturday and today is sunday. i have to work tomorrow so it'll actually be like a 2 day weekend but yeah. how freakin' cute is my background pic. i loooooove craig david, so yeah it fits very very well, especially since this is the only pic of him shirtless.....(tries to adjust excitement) lol. anywho, this has been really relaxing the past 2 days and have just been dicking around my house and yeah, that's about it. i've also been talking to paris non-stop, which is a good thing. he's coming down next weekend to visit me.....(tries to hide excitement) lol. i went grocery shopping yesterday and ugh, i can't stand people. if you're in my way at the store, move your ass so i can get through to the frozen food section!!!!! and their fucking kids, ugh, keep them on leashes or leave them in their cages. i am still waiting for my "too cute 4 U" cell phone, but it looks like it'll be monday when i get it. i think i might head up to joshua tree next week for karaoke, yeah, that seems fun. and omg, i bought a shirt at hollister co. the other day, and it actually doesn't look good on me!!!! now hold up y'all, i'm not being conceited, it's just that if you really know me personally, you know that hollister co. and club monaco are the two places where i can buy ANYTHING and have it fit right. but yeah, i found a glitch in the fashion matrix with both of them actually recently. well, actually i just needed my 60 bucks back from club monaco, so i returned some pants...lol. but yeah, the shirt doesn't fit, so i'll take it back on monday when i get my phone. i've been doing so well with my finances, yay for me!!!! i'm on the phone with bestest friend jason right now. it's so fun talking to him on the phone..lol. we're talking about his job, he has to STOP CUSSING!!!! that's sick. as much as i cuss at work, i would've been fired a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time ago. four letter words dominate me at work, and elsewhere come to think about it. anyways, i'm gonna go now, i'll talk to you guys later. luv y'all.......me
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here i am again.....

well, this past week has been interesting. work was good. i got a day off on thursday cos i was parked illegally apparently and got caught, yes, my work has parking rules, more like commandments. oh well, it was fun and i've worked enough overtime to replace the lost cash and still have a fat check, so joke's on them...lol. anyways, my car's been overheating and such, and that really sucks. i just went to replace the thermostat, cos that's the only thing i can think that's wrong with it, and i can't get this one fucking nut off. i'm so irritated, everytime i go to do something to my car, it's always one fucking screw, or nut or something i can't get off. and then i had my first encounter with a bitchy neighbor. she lives in the complex next to me, not anywhere in the little foursome i live in. she's trying to get in, and i'm flagging her to go ahead, she's not going to hit my car, and she just slowly pulls in. then she's like, " hey guy, you're parked to close, you see the lines, you're on them" i'm thinking, bitch, you made it in, just open your door, you're driving a ford contour, not a benz. anyways, yeah, so i had to rush, put my car back together, and move over like 2 inches . then she stares and the coolant on the ground and is like, "oh oil, oh no, you should not be doing this" so now i'm really fed up. but being the quick-witted gemini i am, i just responded with an , oh i know, i was overheating and it started to leak, i'm trying to figure out why. she's this little fucking asian woman, nothing against any little asian women, but she's a bitchy one. ugh, sorry. anywho, i'm supposed to be going to s.d. with kyle tonight, but i'm feeling kinda headachish, so i don't know. anyways, i got my hair cut by my wonderful hair stylist, sharana. and now's the weekend. and just when i thought i didn't have any overtime, my boss calls me and let's me know that i'll be training a new girl this sunday when i work, so let her do all the work mostly so she can get a feel for it. which i was soooo happy about, cos i wanted some more o.t. on this next paycheck and didn't think i'd have any. but yeah i played it off as if i knew i was supposed to be working, they didn't even tell me i was supposed to be....lol. anyways, i'm off now to just sit around and ponder how i'm going to get this fucking nut off my car. oh well, i'll figure something out, i always do. luv y'all.....late.
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oooh, i thought i was more gay than this....lol

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oh, speaking of which, i bought two stickers yesterday. i bought a rainbow one that says, "i kiss boys" and another rainbow one for my friend elaine that says, "come out come out wherever you are". tooo cute. anyways, late.
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